TRACK DAY 2017 - Every inscription (+ payment) done in MAY 2017 will participate to a lottery. One of the participants will get his participation fee (car + driver) refunded. Inscription form for the Track Day, see 7RCB Track Days - ... Track Day 2017 Practical info ... the form is at the bottom of the page



7 & Roadster Club Belgium - MEMBERS


 Photo Name Car  Regio  
 Bruno2  Bruno V

Lotus SIII
Caterham Cosworth
MK Fireblade
Westfield PreLit
Tiger Avon
Lotus Elise S1
Alpine A310 VF1600
Alpine A310 V6 GrIV
Alpine V6GT Turbo
911 SC Cabrio
944 Turbo 220HP





Philippe M Westfield



Gino K

Martin TTM  9170  



Marc W Martin TTM  8570  



Willy DB Tiger Six 1700  8530  



Pierre B Sylva Striker  1320  



Marc M Dax Rush  1020  



Johnny VH Rush Mohr  9200  



Serge DP





Dirk U Rush Mohr  9820  



Marc VDB Caterham  2640  



Jacques S    1780  




Bas B

Westfield Sei
Caterham Crossflow




Karl W Caterham CSR  2170  



Benjamin S  Robin Hood  1180  



David H Fury  2180  



Werner VL Striker Toyota 4AGE  2940  




Tamas R Lotus 2Eleven



Dries VD Westfield Megabusa  3390  



Peter L    3390  



Urbain H SS busa  3583  



Philip VDP Tiger Six  2940  



Pascal B Dutton  9750  



Wim G    2930  



Patrick VDL MNR Vortex  2340  



Louis W Westfield SEi  9350  



Frederik VR Dax Rush  9150  



Olivier W Dax Cosworth  3800  




Philippe S Caterham 1600K
Lotus Elise S1



Christophe T Locost  6001  



Nicolas DB Robin Hood  1410  



Theo N Lotus Elise S1   9790  


Alain VDW 


Westfield SEi   9220   


Tim V


MK Indy   3740